Lisa K. Fazio

Lisa K. Fazio

Vanderbilt University

Lisa Fazio

Associate Professor

Psychology and Human Development

I study how adults and children learn new information, both true and false, and how to correct errors in people’s knowledge. My research spans multiple disciplines including cognitive, developmental, educational, and social psychology and informs basic theories about psychological processes, while also having clear applications for practitioners, such as journalists and teachers.

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    Hobbs 315A

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Current Grants
  • Anti-Defamation League.

    Longitudinal study of threat sensitivity, emotional distress and conspiratorial ideation.

  • Mercury Project.

    Large collaborative project to compare misinformation interventions

  • National Science Foundation.

    SaTC: CORE: How false beliefs form and how to correct them

  • PSY-PC 3650/7500:

    Cognition in the Real World

  • HONS 1830W:

    The Science of Misinformation: Why We Believe False Information

  • PSY-GS 8460:

    Academic Writing

  • PSY-PC 1117:

    Make it Stick: The Science behind How to Study

  • PSY-PC 1250:

    Developmental Psychology